With all my boudoir and studio work, I try to make things exiting and different.  With this photography shoot, I did a boudoir with two stunning ladies and afterwards let them dress as cowgirls and used lights and smoke to create beautiful images.  I had all the ingredients to stunning pictures, two beautiful ladies, a very good make-up artist and loads of fun.   As you will see from the photos, adding a little effect can go a long way to stunning photos. 121B3038-2-2-web 121B3097-2-web 121B3141-2-web 121B3148-2-web 121B3190-2-web 121B3217-2-web 121B3251-2-web 121B3296-2-web 121B3313-2-web 121B3350-2-web 121B3395-2-web 121B3437-2-web121B3475-2-web