Peersless Family Photography – Rosemary Hill Pretoria


Just the other day I read an article about a fire that broke out in America.  The people were ask to evacuate their houses.  What do you take?  What do you leave behind and know that, when you can go back to your home, everything might be destroyed.  What if you always say you want to take family photos, but never make time for it.  what if someone passes on…

We can go on and on abut all the “what iff’s” in life…but have you ever thought of it?  You will never see your children this small, have all of your family members with you.  Don’t let life take you by surprise, turn your world upside down.  Family Photography is one of the most important photos for me to take….and it should be done yearly.  In the end…family is all that matters and the memories I make by taking photographs.  Print them, enlarge them, put it on the wall, because you will never have that day over again.  This is the memories I give you and it is so rewarding.

This family was just awesome! We had such a good time and I loved every minute I spent with them. I took this photographs at the lovely Rosemary Hill, just outside of Pretoria.  It was a perfect autumn day and I really got to take some beautiful photographs of this loving family.